The Breakdown Of Your Charter Flight Fee

Most people believe that charter flights cost way too much and the only ones who can afford them are the rich people. Although celebrities, politicians and other business men commonly use charter flights, many people can still afford them. The lack of private jet charter information leads us to believe that it is just a waste of money. The truth is there are several ways on how you can save on what you pay for your charter flights. But before we go into that, let us first take a look at what affects the price of a charter flight.

• How big is the plane?
The size of the plane can help determine how much is to be charged. The bigger the jet, the higher the hourly price is. Hiring a bigger jet also has some advantage over the smaller ones because you would have less fuel stops when you use a bigger jet.

• Where are you coming from?
The location where the plane is to depart is a factor to the cost of the charter. If the jet is at another location, you need to pay a fee for the jet to get to the airport near you or airport where you are to depart.

• Which airport are you going to use?
There are lots of airports around the world and landing on them as well as taking off from them would need fees to be paid. The bigger airports charge much more than the small airports do.

• How many crew members will you need?
The number of crew members who are going with you on your trip will also depend on how large the jet is. The smaller jets can be flown by just one pilot while the bigger ones need two pilots to fly them.

• Are you renting the jet overnight?
You can ask for the jet to wait for you before they leave but you would have to pay for overnight fees. You also have to provide housing for the crew for the nights you spend on that place.

• Do you require two round trips?
When you wish to stay at your destination for longer periods of time, you can prevent the overnight fees by paying for the double rotation fee. This fee just means that they will drop you off at your desired destination then leave you and come back for you after a week or two weeks time.

• The empty legs
These are the flights the jet takes to return home after a one way charter trip. Most of the time these are highly discounted and you can take advantage of it at this stage to experience charter flights without having to spend so much.

• International fees
These fees depend on which country you go and on which airport you land.

• Taxes
There is a 7.5% federal excise tax on all US flights and so as the flights that are going to Mexico and Canada. There is also a tax exemption for jets that are less than 6500 lbs.


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An Ideal Borneo Itinerary for a Spectacular Holiday

There is nothing more spectacular than spending your holidays in Borneo and exploring its vast treasures and rainforests that are just waiting to be indulged. This is the perfect place to get in touch with nature and see new things that you are unable to see in your country or city. Here is a very detailed itinerary and a comprehensive borneo holiday information to make the most out of your seven day Borneo adventure!

Day 1: Kota Kinabalu
Selamat datang and a very warm welcome to Malaysia! If you arrive in Malaysia in the afternoon, you can go ahead and check in to your hotel of choice and start seeing the city. You can visit the Sabah Museum and the Monosopiad Cultural Villages where you can see a rich, vivid and a frontier town. Kota Kinabalu or KK, as it is commonly known is the capital of Sabah which has survived World War II bombings among other things.

Day 2: Mount Kinabalu
Day two is the perfect day to explore the wondrous Kinabalu National Park. Mount Kinabalu has a height of 4,0952.2 meters – making it the highest mountain on the island of Borneo. According to borneo holiday information , Mount Kinabalu is among the youngest non-volcanic mountain in the whole world.
Be prepared to see wondrous flora and fauna that can only be seen in Borneo. This is the home of more than 800 species of orchids, 326 species of birds, 600 species of ferns and there is an abundance of Nepenthes insectivorous pitcher plants. While trekking the mountain, keep a wary eye out for snakes, birds and a little leech.

Day 3: Kinabatangan River
After an adventurous mountain trek in Mount Kinabalu, relax and delight yourself in a splendid river cruise in Kinatangan river where you can find local wildlife, including wild elephants, crocodiles, macaques, proboscis monkeys and wild orangutans among others.

Day 4: Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary
Your holiday won’t be complete if you don’t visit the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary which makes the highlight of most borneo holiday information . The sanctuary was built to take care of injured and orphaned orangutans while helping them adapt to the wild. The sanctuary has a feeding platform where bananas and milk are laid out for these adorable creatures. There is a viewing platform where you can watch these animals play and feed themselves. You can also photograph these creatures from the viewing platform to your heart’s content. You can also opt to visit the Sun Bear Conservation Center and the Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary to see more amazing creatures that can be found in Borneo.

Day 5 to 7: Manukan Island
This is located just off the coast of Kota Kinabalu and is one of the larger islands located within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine National Park. Walk along the turquoise blue waters and white sand. You can also go swimming and snorkeling – the best activities when you are in the island according to the borneo holiday information . Relaxing on the islands is the best way to cap off your vacation in the amazing Borneo before heading back to the airport.

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The Galapagos Islands are an amazing adventure for anyone interested in nature. From hiking to the top of a volcano to diving to the depths of the ocean, a top vacation guide to the Galapagos will help you to make arrangements to see it all, and do it all.

Scuba Diving

One of the biggest draws of the Galapagos Islands is the scuba diving. Ranked as one of the best areas to dive on the earth, the Galapagos present some of the most intriguing and exciting adventures available. Experienced scuba divers will see hammerhead sharks, white tip sharks, and whale sharks, along with whales, sea lions, coral, and school after school of brightly colored ocean fish. Various licensed boats will take scuba divers to ideal locations, where the crystal clear ocean provides great viewing.

Scuba diving is allowed an all of the islands except for Chinese Hat and Daphne Major. Skilled divers can also go to Wolf Island and Darwin Island, where the water is deeper and the sea life even more unusual and outstanding.


Hiking is allowed on all of the islands except for Darwin and Wolf. However, be aware that the islands are very steep. It is also very easy to get lost on the islands. The islands are populated with creatures that exist nowhere else in the world.

When you combine the rare animals and plants with the inherent risks with hiking on the islands, you have a situation where free hiking is not allowed. That being said, there are some trails on Santa Cruz and San Cristobol that will allow you to hike on your own, but for the most part, you will need to hike with tour groups. Adventure guides can make the experience even more interesting, in addition to the beautiful scenery. To hike the Galapagos, be sure to wear sturdy hiking boots and bring plenty of water.

Night Life

Santa Cruz has a lot of clubs for someone who prefers a more urban night life, there are bars and discos, where3 you can get cold beer and an evening of dancing. Other islands that offer some nighttime activities are San Cristobal, Isabela, and Floreana. These islands also have hotels, where you can stay for several days as you enjoy the beaches and ocean.

Sun and Beach

Most of the islands have plenty of beach. Some of them, of course, take a steep plunge into the ocean, leaving little to no beach for tourists to enjoy, but you can find very comfortable, sunny beaches at Santa Cruz, Santiago, San Cristobal, Bartolome, Espanola, Fernandina, Floreana, Isabela, Mosquera, Tower, and Rabida. The white sand of Turtle Bay, located on Santa Cruz, is not only beautiful, but provides a great chance for surfing and sun bathing, It is also one of the few open access areas in the islands.


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If you are planning a cruise to the Galapagos Islands, you have come to the right place. This is one of the top expedition cruise reviews, and can tell you what you will find in the way of cruise ships, and how to prepare for your cruise.

Luxury Cruise Liners

While you can book luxury cruises to the Galapagos, you won’t find huge cruise liners that travel to the area. The Islands have a limit to boats that carry no more than 100 people. This is not to say that your trip will suffer, because the smaller luxury yachts that charter as cruise ships are every bit as luxurious as the massive ships that carry thousands. Your cabin aboard these luxury yachts will be as spacious as any, with private bathrooms. Some even have spas.

These luxury yachts also provide dining, with breakfast and lunch buffets, and dinner every evening. The food is expertly prepared by onboard chefs, with fresh ingredients. One of the benefits of traveling with fewer people on board is the sense of intimacy with the ocean and your fellow travelers, as opposed to the anonymity of huge vessels. At the same time, these ships are large enough to be comfortable on the water, with little tossing and rolling on the water.

First Class and Superior Boats

These yachts carry from 20 to 75 people, and vary in comfort offerings. First class boats are usually quite comfortable, with spacious cabins that are not quite as big as those on the luxury ships. On both first class and superior boats, you will have a private bathroom, and meals are provided on these cruises. These are more reasonably priced than the luxury yachts, with slightly smaller boats that are still comfortable and give you leg room.

Tourist Boats

The tourist boats are comfortable, but the rooms are smaller. Some of them offer private bathrooms. Most offer meals. These boats are a great selection for people who just want to see the wildlife on the islands, and don’t want a lot of space. These are usually smaller boats.

Economy Boats

The economy boats are much smaller than the others, and usually used by student groups and college students. Bunking is available, with a community bathroom. In some cases, you may need your sleeping bag. Vacationers dine with the crew.

What to Look For

Once you decide on your desired comfort level and budget, you will want to see which activities are on the cruise itinerary. You will want to go to Fernandina, Genovesa, and Isabela islands. Make sure your cruise does not leave these islands out. You will probably also want to do a little snorkeling, so be sure that there is time for this in the itinerary. There is also a $100 fee to enter the park that may not be included. Check on that.

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How Will Online Trip Planner Help You Prepare on Your Next Road Destination?

Having a road trip planner online helps a traveller create a simple yet almost perfect road trip plan. It is an aid that makes the plan flow so well.


This article will discuss about the seven step process that will guide you in the right flow from the initial planning procedure. This will show your creativity in the process of making travel plans.


A road trip plan is more than creating a schedule that must be followed. This provides the planner to have an overview of the coming road trip. The planning process related to travelling help you focus into it. You are not required to follow the suggested plan; the main point is for you to give it a substance. Its development from a mere idea to a concrete plan shows that you have made it evolve into something more realistic.


You will encounter different road trip planner online, some requires payment while the others are free. Whatever you prefer to use, it will surely be useful to your plan and will provide you further information you need.


A simple helpful tip that truly works: write your plan using a pen and paper or excel sheet. This act assists your mind to process the information better.

First Step

Name your road trip.


When you name your travel, you give it an identity. It involves oneself deeply interested to it. What is the road trip for? You answer may have its suitable term. You can label your journal with its name, it is your call but letters in all caps work best.


Second Step

Identify your location and destination.


This provides you a bigger perspective. It is a great help on managing even the small part of the road trip plan. You can look at your travel map or locate using a road trip planner online. The uses of colored pencil or any coloring materials make it stand out that help you view it easily. Use a pin or something related to serve as your reference point.


Third Step

Break your plan into segments.


This is especially helpful for long road trips, meaning a trip that may take a day or two before reaching the main destination.  You can divide them based on its distance and time, main roads, and into the towns and cities you will pass by.


Fourth Step

Look for stops and detours on the road.


Create a list and in sequential order of the following: on time and necessary stop over, unplanned stop over, and optional detours. The map you created beforehand will be useful here, put necessary marks on it.


Fifth Step

Identify the road trip duration.


Make sure that you know the timeline of your trip. You don’t need to be precise. Identifying the start and end of the journey is good enough. Then you can compare it with the fourth step mentioned above and add the times up. If the result fits then check for how long you are willing to drive. This process will help you identify if you will be able to make it on time, if adjustments are needed, and if the plan just fit.


Do you know a road trip planner online that does wonders? It’s time to share it now and help another travel dream come true.

Travel Planner – Why Do You Need It?

Are you thinking about going to a particular country or city which is something you will be seeing and visiting for the first time? Whether you are traveling alone or with a bunch of people as your company, it is important to come up with a trip that’s truly remarkable, rewarding and memorable. But how can you make such things happen?

You must have already prepared all the things that you will need for your trip. Your budget is already intact and you simply can’t wait for the big day wherein you will be riding on a plane and land on your destination with many expectations in your heart and mind. Perhaps, your company has already done the needed preparations that they simply think could help make your trip extra cozy and free of fuss and hassles.

But is your trip really going to be that hassle-free and fuss-free as what you might want to assert? Unless you are familiar with the place where you have decided to visit, traveling alone or even with others without the knowledge about that particular destination can be downright confusing and a way troubling. So what do you need in order to get rid of certain situations that can put you in a big trouble?

The Use of a Travel Planner

If it is your very first time to go out of the country for a trip, holiday or vacation, it is important to be sure and confident all the time. However, the sureness and confidence should be done the right way. If you want to visit a particular attraction in the city and you simply pretend to your company that you know the way to get there, well this is another story.

As a matter of fact, your false sureness and confidence will only lead you not to your point of destination but to trouble and problems. Just be true to yourself. To help you become a sure and confident traveler, it is important to use a travel planner in the first place. By doing so, you will have the assurance that you will never ever go wrong along your way.

What is a Travel Planner?

A travel planner is a site which renders services that have something to do with any of the itineraries of a particular traveler. Some of the most common things that can be obtained from a travel planner include your points of destinations, attractions, different directions, maps, different routes, landmarks, hotels and many others.

If you have a travel planner along with you, you will never be worried along the way. This is true in the sense that you will have something to guide you no matter how unfamiliar the place is to you.

Today, there is one particular site that will provide you with the best help and assistance as you embark on a trip to any of the key cities of the world. With Trip Mark, your travel to different points of the world will surely become a breeze.